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The gameboards on these pages are created mostly with the board elements found on Erik's RoboRally Page (Thanks Erik!!) but some are made by myself. Head over to the board element section to check out the rules for the new elements.

I've categorized the boards for easy navigating

Category   Size   #
Normal boards   12*12   4
Small boards   7*7   6
Race Tracks   12*12   2
The Great Race   5*10   10
Odd ones   ???   1

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Normal boards  [TOC]
Name   Size
Magno Base   12*12
Hot Stuff   12*12
Grand Canyon   12*12
Grand Canyon 2   12*12
Buckle Up   12*12

Magno Base   Magno Base
The Magno Base is a track utilizing my new board element the MagLock. It is a slow track with a lot of fun trying to get past all the others robots who are stuck in their tracks.
Hot Stuff   Hot Stuff
The Hot Stuff lives up to its name. It's full of lasers, flamers and my new board element the Lava Pit. A lot of damage is going to be dealt on this one so be careful out there.
Grand Canyon   Grand Canyon
This board could be played as an ordinary board or perhaps as a shootout between two teams.
Grand Canyon 2   Grand Canyon 2
This board complements the Grand Canyon. It should be placed to the south edge of that board to form a long winding canyon.
Buckle Up   Buckle Up
This track is extremely fast. Robots could take more than a complete tour on this board in a single turn. They only way to slow down the pace is to end up in the slime. Try use this board on its own and put a lot of flags in it. It's a furious race out there...
The board uses abunch of new boardelements like the Repeater, the Freak Teleporter, Gold Conveyer Belts and the Repulsor.

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Small boards  [TOC]
Name   Size
Center Court   7*7
High Gear   7*7
Fast Lane   7*7
Pitfall   7*7
Portal Power   7*7
Turn Around   7*7
Whirlpool   7*7

Everybody who have played RoboRally for a while knows that you have to arrange a track with a lot of variety in it to be a real challenge. But when you are just a few players the large boards comes to a disadvantage by separating the players with such a distance that the fun interaction by pushing each other becomes almost impossible. These boards are designed to be used when playing with a fewer number of players in mind, yet giving a variety in boardelements.

Center Court   Center Court
This a classical board with few challenges but the conveyers who might confuse your movement. This board is best used as a starting board or perhaps as a faster transport board. Try put it in the middle with another small board on each of its side.
High Gear   High Gear
Another classical board. The trick with this one is to push your opponent on to an express conveyer belt and watch the fun begin.
Fast Lane   Fast Lane
This board is ideally put between two other boards. It's a fast one but encourages robots to step of the conveyers to catch the repair sites or the chop shop. Beware of the center square though.
Pit Fall   Pit Fall
This is a tricky one. It doesn't look so hard but it becomes a real challenge to safely navigate around the pits when there are other robots around you.
Portal Power   Portal Power
This one makes your brains go mushy when trying to figure out where you will land. People usually have a hard time getting to the flags on this board. (Put one in the middle and try for yourself.) This board is one of the most interesting to use when you want to watch the fun of total confusion when players are suddenly pushed through a portal only to slide through oil on the next register phase, land on the conveyer belt to be pushed through another portal so that the end up behind their pushing foe. Time for revenge!
Turn Around   Turn Around
Think twice before you move or you might end up going on the roundabout some extra round, and make sure you've counted on the turns so that you don't step into the center pit.
Whirlpool   Whirlpool
No set is complete without a whirlpool board. This one actually lets you rest in the middle (at least for a phase or two).

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Race tracks  [TOC]
Name   Size
Circle Track 1   12*12
Circle Track 2   12*12

These tracks differ a bit from normal boards. They are not meant to be used with the Touch the flag rules. Instead the are to be used as a race track. You have to be the first robot crossing the finishing line to win this game.

Circle Track 1   Circle Track 1
On this board the race track is circular. Start with the robots in the name square to the left. The first robot to cross the finishing line after completing a counterclockwise turn around the board is the winner.
Yes, ther are ways to cross the great center pit but you cant win unless you have completed at least 50% of the track.
Circle Track 2   Circle Track 2
This one uses exactly the same rules as the one above.
Beware the Trap Doors at the lower part of the board. They hare really hard to cross since each one is only closed on one of the register phases.

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The Great Race  [TOC]
Name   Size
Race Track 1   5*10
Race Track 2   5*10
Race Track 3   5*10
Race Track 4   5*10
Race Track 5   5*10
Race Track 6   5*10
Race Track 7   5*10
Race Track 8   5*10
Race Track 9   5*10
Race Track 10   5*10

These boards are a bit special. The primary meaning for them is to be used as a gigantic race track strechting from board 1 to board 10. The start is on the name space of Race Track 1 and the first one to cross the finishing line on the Race Track 10 board is the winner. Yes, I know, this is almost a complete weekend project but hey, I know you are good at improvising. Mix them around or use only a few of them. Just beware that the are designed to be linked (so the beginning of Race Track 3 was designed with the end of Race Track 2 in mind.
I know I've put the track pictures upside done: It is done on purpose so that you might actually see how the boards link from one to another. Cut the crap and start playing.

Race Track 1   Race Track 1
Race Track 2   Race Track 2
Race Track 3   Race Track 3
Race Track 4   Race Track 4
Race Track 5   Race Track 5
Race Track 6   Race Track 6
Race Track 7   Race Track 7
Race Track 8   Race Track 8
Race Track 9   Race Track 9
Race Track 10   Race Track 10

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Odd ones  [TOC]
Name   Size
Whirlpool   8*8

These are the ones that I can't fit into any other category. You have to look at each one for an explanation of it.

Whirlpool   Whirlpool
Ok, another whirlpool. So what's new about this one. Well actually not much but it can be used as a link between two normal boards or, even more fun, put it on top of another board to change the center of it. That way you will still have an edge of two squares to use from the normal board. After all there is a promise of option cards if you make it safely to the center.