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RoboRally is a fantastic board game created by the wellknown Richard Garfield, the creater of Magic: The Gathering, the worlds first and yet biggest collectible card game.

RoboRally is published by Wizard of The Coast.

The concept of RoboRally is to safely navigate your robot through an intricate and deadly maze and be the first touch the flags in correct order. To navigate the robot you are dealt a number of maneuvering program cards to use for one turn. The cards allow your robot to advance from 1 to 3 steps forward, backup, turn left, turn right or make a u-turn. That's right you have to preprogram the next 5 movement maneuvers for your robot in advance and the more damaged your robot is, the fewer cards it will recieve to choose from. Don't forget that the board consist of bottemless pits, conveyer belts, pushers, crushers, lasers and other deadly elements that will make you think twice of how to plan the quickest, and safest, route. By the way, the other robots will fire weapons at you or push you into deadly traps or just ruining your carefully programmed path.

If you haven't tried it yet, go ahead. Your logical views will never be the same again.

Please contact me for whatever reasons you may have.