When I added all the Origins 2004 buttons, they wrecked havoc with my database. I will soon start to code a new frontend. Ideas and suggestions are welcome.

Added the 6 Bridge and Tunnel button men from the Bridge and Tunnel's Mobile Phone Button Men Game.

Added the Fightball set from Cheapass.

Added the Green Apples button man from Chicagoland Gamers Conclave.

Added two new buttons, MothMan and Harry Pudding, to the Renaissance set.

Added the Space Girlz set from the Button Men Online Game.

Added the Button Brain set with the new Constant Dice.

Added the MAX button from Anime Expo 2002.

Got the stats for Micro, the button from Origins 2002.

Power Trip Dice became Stinger Dice instead.

Added two new buttons (Dr. Speculo and Lascivia) to the Renaissance set with the new Ornery Dice.

Info on the upcoming the Diceland set with the new Power Trip Dice.

Added the Micro button from Origins 2002. No stats yet though.

Added the Apples button man from Chicagoland Gamers Conclave.

Added the two SFR button men from SFR, the producer of Dragon Dice.

Added stats for the Samurai button men set.

Added stats for the Demicon the 13th button men set.

BattleMats are ready. Click on any ButtonMen name on the Roster page or the Printer Friendly Roster page to get a BattleMat.

Added stats for the GenCon 2001 buttons Jorgi and Tsusuko.

Added the Gaming Guardians buttons and all their special dice. Deception Dice, Evil Dice, Insult Dice, Loaded Dice and Teleport Dice.

Added the Gripen Button from SydCon 10 and the new special dice type, Rage Dice. Both invented by (I have to say this) me.

Added the 2 new Yoyodone Buttons Pikathulhu and Ulthar from Fuzzface.

Added the 3 new Brawl Buttons from Origins 2001.

Added The Metamorphers set from the now defunct IMGames Button Men game.

Added flavortext for the Sluggy set.

Added a word document with all the rules, special dice and a roster. Also available from the rules section.

A new link pointing to James Ernest Double Secret is now on the link page.

The six Sluggy Button Men are finally available for sale.

Added The Howling Wolf set.
Added stats for the Sailor Moon 2 set.
Updated the Tournament Legal stats.

Dana's Button Men Web Game is online again.

New printer friendly roster created.

Added The Japanese Beetle set.

Added a link to The authorized online Button Men game.

Added the Faeries set.

Added the ShorCon Button Man ConMan.

Added the Bruno! set and its new Berserker Dice type

Added stats the for the Dork Victory set.

Added stats the for the Sluggy set. (It is... kind of released, but not for sale yet.)


Button Men

The Button Men game from Cheapass Games is a funny, fastpaced, addictive, dice-battling, beat-them-up game with simple, straight-forward rules that still leave room for plenty of strategy.

The concept behind the game is actually so simple that you wonder why no one hasn't come up with the idea until now. But that's exactly why we have people like James Ernest, who not only makes up these games, but makes them available to the public.

The game is designed to be played by two players (although there exist some unofficial multi-player rules on the net), each one using his or her own Button Man to battle the opponent's Button Man. Since the fighter is actually represented by a button pin, you fasten it to your clothes and are in fact walking around announcing to the world: Yes, show me your Button Man and I'll beat you up.

Since a game rarely lasts more than 15 minutes it's a perfect "I'm waiting for something else to happen"-game. (As Garfield's first intention of Magic was.) And it's so obvious who's into the game since you are actually wearing the game in open view.

The only problem is that you need to carry a bunch of polyhedral dice with you to play a game of Button Men. But since the spontanous Button Men battle will probably occur during a game convention, most gamers carry enough dice to support a squadron of simultaneous Button Men games anyhow. But be sure to know the special dice rules. The current trend in Button Men expansions is to introduce new special dice types. It would be easy to fool anyone not updated that the "Electromagnetic dice type" captures all dice from the opponent that you hit when you roll it.

I recommend everyone to get a Button Man, grab some dice and start beating people up.


This is how Cheapass Games themselve describe Button men:
What is Button Men? Only the most exciting, strategic, and unclassifiable game of 1999. We're still wondering what category this one fits into. Basically, both players have a Fighter, who's represented by a button. That Fighter is composed (usually) of five polyhedral dice. The two players take turns rolling dice and capturing each other's dice, and whoever captures the most sides wins. More or less.

Credits & Copyright

Button Men game designed by James Ernest.
Button Men and the Button Men logo are (C) copyright and (TM) trademark 1999-2000 James Ernest and Cheapass Games

This site is not endorsed or authorized by Cheapass Games

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